Tim Berners Lee

1955 - present

Tim Berners-Lee was born in South West London, England, in 1955. His parents worked on the first commercially-built computer, the Ferranti Mark 1. He attended Sheen Mount Primary School, and Emanuel School in South West London. He was a keen trainspotter and tinkered with model railways. He received a first-class degree in physics at Queen's College, Oxford, in 1976.

In 1989, Berners Lee came up with an idea to create a system for sharing and distributing information not just within a company, but globally. He named it the World Wide Web.

He also created the first web browser and editor. The world's first website, info.cern.ch, was launched on 6 August 1991. It explained the World Wide Web concept and gave users an introduction to getting started with their own websites.

He is strongly in favour of the internet remaining a place where everyone can have freedom of speech and should remain free from government control. By giving away his invention for public use he has sacrificed the fortunes he might otherwise have made by controlling the Web commercially. To sacrifice personal wealth for public good is unusual in a commercial world driven by profit.

Invented the World Wide Web (www)