The National Museum of Computing has a unique collection of computing systems from the past.

This resource has been created in partnership with the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, E2bn and LGfL. It has been created in response to the changes to the ICT and Computing curriculum and is designed to support teachers in their delivery of the new Computing Curriculum.

The video material was filmed over 2 days in July 2012 and the Key Stage 5 videos were filmed in front of the WITCH computer system in October 2012. The curriculum material that supports the video assets has been created by practising Computing and ICT teachers.

The vision of the resource is that we should all learn from our digital heritage to support our understanding of our digital futures. Britain has led the development of numerous key computing technologies that are now used around the world. This resource seeks to acknowledge the unique contribution that Britain has made and continues to make to the development of computational thought, technologies and problem solving.

A section of WITCH

WITCH Relay switches