Doron Swade

Doron Swade (MBE)

"This resource tells some of the story of a history of computing. It is a window into the marvels of the pioneering era of automatic computing and the role of British contributions.

The present is rooted in the past. So to understand the present, and the trajectory of possible futures, we need to understand how we got here. This is doubly important for generations of youngsters born into a world in which computers are taken for granted and who were not themselves witness to the unfolding tale.

It is very difficult to strike a balance between technical 'facts', and the meaning or wider significance of such facts. This resource is exceptional in the sure-footed skill with which it blends the two. The presentations and materials are models of clarity that allow the user to engage directly with the material in a way that is both reassuring and enjoyable.

I am confident that for years to come those using this resource will share in the pleasure and interest of those who contributed to it."

Doron Swade (MBE)

Formerly Curator of Computing, and Assistant Director & Head of Collections, Science Museum