For a computer system to work, data needs to be stored within it. This data may need to be stored for a short space of time as part of functions, or

Computer data storage, often called storage or memory, Computers need both storage and memory

The parts of the computer system that lose their data when they are powered off are usually referred to as memory, while slower permanent technologies such as hard drives are referred to as storage. Computer systems usually need both types, but why and how does this impact on how the system works?

How has memory and storage changed over time as computer systems have developed?

  • WITCH - Storage RAM and counters

    Running time: 01:30

  • WITCH - Storage RAM expansion

    Running time: 00:21

  • ICL Mainframe 2966 - Storage

    Running time: 02:04

  • ICL Mainframe 2966 - Storage Single Disc

    Running time: 00:41

  • Elliott 903 - Storage

    Running time: 00:20

  • Elliott 803 - Storage

    Running time: 00:13

  • IBM 1130 - Storage 1

    Running time: 01:07

  • IBM 1130 - Storage 2

    Running time: 01:07

Lesson Plan


  • Memory & Storage

  • Memory Game