Our Brave New World – The History of Computing technology

A cross-curricular approach to the teaching of the History of Computers: utilising the LGfL video content and other sources – covering the early 20th Century computers up to the present day.


The main theme of this resource is Science and Technology, aiming to teach the history of computing and the effect of landmark moments in computing history on today's world. Attempts have been made to have a cross-curricular approach, bringing in opportunities for learning and assessment in other curriculum areas. There are video explanations on many of the world's landmark computers provided by the National Museum of Computing.

This resource is divided into themed lessons, each one having a mix of explanation – both filmed and text, images and a large amount of resource material to enable teachers to tell the story of computers without leaving the classroom and for students to access information to enable further research when learning from home.



For each 'lesson' there are suggested activities covering the primary curriculum across all areas.